What we do

Agile Transformation

With Europe's top agile coaches and a proven transformation methodology, we help our clients become self-sustained agile enterprises within six months. If you already feel you are agile, we can also help you fine-tune and increase your agile performance.

Lean Startup

We guide you in the methodology and principles to learn from your customers and iterate quickly to protect your investment and leverage the innovation forces within your ecosystem.

Tangible results


Lower cost of operation

Client: Financial services company with 10k+ employees. What: Time to deliver reduced by 85%. Deliverables: Agile, big data, DevOps and cloud strategy and delivery.


More innovation from within

Client: Global bank. What: 90% increase in inter-project communications. Deliverables: Implemented Lean Startup and Agile principles through dedicated teams and guilds.


More revenues with speed

Client: Global agricultural control company. What: From POC to IoT connected, market-ready prototype in 18 weeks. Deliverables: Product design, supporting software, integrated marketing campaigns, physical prototyping.

What does it feel like to work at Wemanity?

Our team is composed by Agile coaches, mentors and technical experts that leverage the Lean Startup mindset and Agile methodologies in order to connect ideas to customers in the most efficient way possible.

As a member of our team, you will have a clear purpose: to help large and small companies disrupt industries by leveraging Agile and Lean Startup

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